NFD Form Bicycle Response Team

Date of Press Release: 
Thu, 11/09/2017
Press Release By: 
Sarah Jensen

The Norman Fire Department is preparing to roll out its new Bicycle Response Team this weekend. The newly formed team is another way NFD is providing an elevated level of service in areas and at special events where access is limited due to crowds or terrain.

“Being on bicycles will allow our first responders to access and provide services to patients much quicker,” said Norman Fire Chief Travis King. “The bicycles are great for navigating through the crowds and tight spaces often found at so many of our large-scale outdoor events.”

NFD will have the ability to deploy up to eight firefighters who are also certified EMTs. Each bicycle has been
outfitted with medical bags that contain the proper equipment to provide basic and advanced level care for patients.

“The Bicycle Response Team gives us the ability to deploy quickly and efficiently to provide the necessary initial
treatment needed until more advanced help can arrive,” said Chief King. “It will allow us to provide better emergency services to our citizens and those who come to our community to take part in events throughout the year.”

The team’s first deployment will be the University of Oklahoma versus Texas Christian University football game slated for a 7 p.m. kickoff on Saturday. The Bicycle Response Team will be actively available to respond to incidents both before and after the game. The team will also deploy at other athletic and community events such as parades, the Norman Music Festival, May Fair, and the Norman Medieval Fair.