Public Safety Sales Tax Outfits Norman Fire with new Aerial Fire Apparatus

Date of Press Release: 
Tue, 02/14/2017
Press Release By: 
Sarah Jensen

The Norman Fire Department will put a new aerial fire apparatus into service this month. Purchased with funds from the Public Safety Sales Tax II, the new fire truck will greatly enhance the department’s ability to protect life, conserve property and stabilize emergency incidents.


“This new aerial apparatus further improves our firefighting capabilities while also bettering the safety measures we can bring to both the public and our firefighters,” said Norman Fire Chief Travis King. “We are very excited to have this new piece of equipment to respond to a wide variety of emergency scenes.”


The apparatus provides a 100 foot ladder and platform along with additional specialized equipment. The functions of the new fire truck include the ability to perform effective rescues from multi-story structures along with increased capabilities to protect structures threatened by another fire in the area. The aerial apparatus also provides additional assistance in both low and high angle rope rescue situations, a greater level of safety for first
responders and patients at auto collision scenes on highways and interstates, and additional resources to provide lighting and power at emergency scenes.


The new aerial apparatus cost $1.1 million dollars, and was purchased with funds from the Public Safety Sales Tax II. The department anticipates that fire truck will have a service life of approximately 15 to 20 years.


“We are so thankful for the community’s support of the Public Safety Sales Tax II,” said Chief King. “This new fire truck will greatly enhance our fire service and ability to reduce the loss of life and property for the City of Norman.”


Norman residents voted to make a temporary half-cent public safety sales tax permanent on April 1, 2014. The revenue has allowed for the hiring of additional firefighters and police officers as well as new public safety equipment such as this aerial fire apparatus.