Public Safety Sales Tax Outfits Norman Fire with New Fire Apparatus

Date of Press Release: 
Thu, 06/08/2017
Press Release By: 
Sarah Jensen

The Norman Fire Department has a new fire apparatus now in service. The new fire engine was designed to meet the unique needs of protecting life, conserving property and stabilizing emergency incidents on the city’s east side.

Built on a heavy-duty cab and chassis, the new apparatus provides a 750 gallon water tank and a 1,250 gallon per minute pump. The engine is also equipped with front intake suction to allow for more versatility when drafting water from ponds and other water sources to fight fires. This function is especially vital as the unit will primarily operate outside of the city’s water distribution system, providing crews with increased capabilities and resources to fight fires in the city’s more rural areas.

Housed at Norman’s Fire Station 5, 1000 168th Avenue NE, the engine will respond to calls for service east of 120th Avenue to 180th Avenue. The new fire apparatus was purchased with funds from the Public Safety Sales Tax II.

“We are thankful for the community and their support of the Public Safety Sales Tax,” said Norman Fire Chief Travis King. “This new apparatus will better enable the Norman Fire Department to serve the needs of the community by
greatly enhancing our ability to reduce the loss of life and property.”

Norman residents voted to make a temporary half-cent public safety sales tax permanent on April 1, 2014. The revenue has allowed for the hiring of additional firefighters and police officers as well as the purchase of new
public safety equipment such as this fire apparatus.