How do I apply for Firefighter Recruit?

During an open active recruitment, please visit to view the minimum qualifications for Firefighter and to download the application bundle along with all the associated forms.

For City of Norman job postings:

For City of Norman job line mailing list:

Is there a minimum/maximum age to apply?

Yes.  Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and not over 45 years of age (unless prior member of the Oklahoms Firefighter Pension and Retirement System).

Does Norman require employees to live within the city limits?


What education/experience is required to apply?

EMT Basic Certification.  You must have 30 hours of college credit from an accredited college or
university OR (3) years of active duty military service with nothing less than an honorable discharge.  (An official transcript from your College or University, verifying the number of credit hours obtained and/or a DD Form 214 MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH YOUR APPLICATION)

What kinds of college credit hours are accepted to fulfill the minimum 30 hour requirement for the City of Norman Firefighter position?

It does not matter what college classes you have taken.  As long as your college or university transcript shows that you have completed the required 30 hours of college credit from an accredited college or university, we will accept it.

What if my college credits or college hours are from an accredited technical or technology school. Are these accepted?

The City of Norman’s minimum requirements state that you must have a minimum of 30 semester college credit hours from an accredited college or university.  We do not accept credit hours from technical institutes or technology centers.  Ask your school if they are an accredited college or university.

What is an official transcript?

Your college or university must issue you an “official” transcript.  These are normally stamped or have a seal on them, indicating they are issued as official transcripts from the school.  If there is not stamp or seal, they are printed on watermarked or specially marked paper. We do not accept faxed, emailed or Xerox copies of transcripts.

When do I need to turn in my college transcript(s)?

An Official Transcript must be submitted with your application.

Is there a study guide for the written examination?

Yes.  Visit  It is OPTIONAL - You do not need to purchase the study guide in order to pass the test.  The Norman Public Library also has a few study guides available.

What are the requirements for the physical agility test?

Candidates can learn the minimum requirements for repetitions and times at the optional physical agility information meeting scheduled during the recruitment process at the Fire Training Center, 2207 Goddard Avenue in Norman, OK.

Where do you conduct the physical agility test?

The physical agility test location is determined during the hiring process.

If I recently tested at Eastern Oklahoma County Consortium (EOC), do I still need to take the Norman written exam and physical agility test?

Yes, each applicant will need to take our written exam and physical agility test.

Is there any consideration for alternate testing dates for applicants who live out-of-state or military members who are currently stationed out-of-country?

No.  The schedule that we have included on our recruiting forms website details the available testing dates.  Unfortunately, we are unable to schedule additional dates.

Are bonus points given out? (ie: Military service, volunteer firefighter service, etc.)


Where is the Norman Fire Academy held?

The Norman Fire Academy is held at the Norman Training Center, located at 2207 Goddard Avenue in Norman, Oklahoma.

How long does the Norman Fire Academy last?

The Norman Fire Academy lasts approximately 16 to 24 weeks.

If I am currently a Firefighter with another agency, do I still have to attend the Norman Fire Academy if I am selected?

Yes.  Currently, the Norman Fire Department does not have a lateral transfer program.  All Firefighters hired must attend and pass our academy.

Does the City of Norman have a college incentive program? 

Yes.  Depending on your degree, you may be eligible to receive an additional monthly stipend.  This monthly payment also applies to EMT and/or Fire Service certifications.

What are some of the benefits for Norman Firefighter Recruits?

  • Sick leave is accrued at 16 shift hours per month.

  • Vacation leave is accrued as follows:

    • 0-60 months                14 hours per month

    • 61-120 months            18 hours per month

    • 121-180 months          20 hours per month

    • 181 months and over 22 hours per month

  • 12 Paid Holidays

  • Group Health and Dental Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Tuition Assistance

  • College Incentive Pay

  • HAZMAT Pay

  • Retirement

What is the base annual salary for a Firefighter Recruit?

  • As of July 1, 2016 –  $45,790