April 4 & 5, 2020

For current burn information please call 321-1444.  

Outdoor Burning Ordinance and Burn Permits


The Norman Fire Department permits burning of agricultural products (trees, bushes, leaves, etc.) in areas zoned  and for site development.  Trees, brush, grass, leaves, branch trimmings, or other plant growth may be burned on the property on which the material grew. Citizens must contact the Fire Department prior to any burning to ensure the state/county/city is not under a “Red Flag Alert” or a "Burn Ban", where conditions are unlikely to aid fire spread beyond materials to be burned.

Burning for site development is different in nature and therefore must be completed under additional requirements.  Burning brush to clear land has higher amounts of agricultural material and is most often close to existing, developed land that can be a nuisance.  Therefore, burning for land clearing must be completed with the use of an air curtain, unless the Office of the Fire Marshal grants permission to do otherwise. The material is placed into a pit in the ground and the air curtain supplies combustion air.  In doing so, the material burns quicker and combustion is more complete and produces little to no smoke.

The following Weather conditions must exist in order for a burn permit to be issued:

1.  Humidity has to be 40% or higher

2.  The Wind speed can be no higher than 10 mph

The following information is required at the time permission to burn is requested:

1.  Name of responsible party

2.  Address

3.  Date and time desired for burning

4.  Materials to be burned

5.  Approximate amount of materials

The following guidelines are given upon request of permission to burn:

1.  No burning within 150 feet of an occupied or unoccupied structure other than those on your own property

2.  No accelerant (i.e. diesel, gasoline, etc.) may be used.

3.  Someone must stay with the fire until the fire is completely extinguished

4.  You must have a water source on the property for your use

5.  Smoke cannot cause problems for neighbors or for traffic, or it will be extinguished

6.  The fire must be out 3 hours before sunset

7.  If the fire should get out of control and cause damage to someone else’s property, you could be held liable for damage

8.  The approximate size of the brush pile being burned cannot exceed 20 feet in length x 20 feet

     in width x 6 feet in height

9.  Brush piles must be burned one-at-a-time.  One pile must be completely out before starting the next.

All requests for burning are subject to the approval of the authority having jurisdiction (Fire Marshal or designated representative).  A Fire Inspector may visit the site before authorization to burn is given to make sure that all guidelines are followed.

Failure to obtain permission to burn may result in the issuance of a citation.

For more information and to request permission to burn please call the Norman Fire Department at 292-9780.  On weekends, call 321-1444.

Frequently Asked Questions are answered here.

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