The Fire Marshal is in charge of the fire prevention bureau consisting of five Fire Investigators that are tasked with providing the highest level of fire prevention through public education, inspections, code enforcement and detailed plans review.  Under the direction of the Fire Marshal, fire prevention personnel strive to provide the citizens of Norman with the most updated information available to safely protect their home or business from fire and other hazards.  Fire prevention has proven to be the most effective way to reduce loss of life and property.

The fire prevention bureau is also tasked with investigating fires for cause determination.  All fire investigators are C.L.E.E.T. certified officers in the State of Oklahoma and work closely with all levels of law enforcement to investigate criminal fire activity. 

The Fire Protection Engineer is Robert Betts. He is in charge of plans review, acceptance testing for fire suppression and alarm systems. This area is also responsible for fire code consultation and special hazard mitigation.